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Readers Favorites Gardening Homesteading Posts. Bees, Salad, ducklings, seedlings.

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Readers Favorites Blog Posts.

If you are interested in gardening and backyard homesteading, this is the place to be.

Check out posts on building soil and keeping weeds away. Grow vegetables and build things to make your garden that much better. Raise ducks, bees, or alpacas.

There is something here for everyone that wants to grow their own food and raise their own animals.



Readers Favorites Gardening Homesteading Posts. Tomato, duckling, vegetables, soil.

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These are the top 20 most popular posts about gardening and homesteading.

Want all organic methods to control weeds in your garden? Here are 12 great ideas to make this year’s garden a success.

#1) 12 Ways to Make Weeds Go Away – Naturally!

Soil is the most important part of a healthy and successful garden.

#2) Build Million Dollar Garden Soil.

Since it came out, this has been one of my most popular posts. Who doesn’t love tomatoes?

#3) 16 Top Secrets For Growing Great Tomatoes.

An easy peasy way to get worms started in your garden!

#4) Build Your Own Worm Tower.

Keeping a Chicken or Duck yard clean can be a real chore. The deep litter method makes it much easier.

#5) Deep Litter Duck And Chicken Run.

There’s a lot to know about raising ducklings. This is a great place to start.

#6) Raising Ducks 101 – How To Take Care Of Baby Ducklings.

My favorite fruit, hands down.

#7)  How To Grow Mulberry Trees.




This is a book review for every homesteader who wants to make a living off from their land.

#8) The Market Gardener.

Excellent books about how to live off your land, even if it’s only 1/4 acre.

#9) Feeding Yourself On 1/4 Acre.

Do you think you want to raise bees? Here’s the place to start.

#10) 10 Things To Know Before You Start Beekeeping.

Do you want your ducks to have clean drinking water? Do you want to go on vacation?

#11) How To Get Clean Water For My Ducks.


Microgreens and ducks

If you want to raise bees, but you are afraid of getting stung…

#12) Raising Bees – Preventing Bee Stings.

Here are a few of the pitfalls to avoid when you start a new garden.

#13) Starting A New Garden – A Well Planned Garden.

One of the most important things to know when you bring home ducklings.

#14) What To Feed Ducklings.


A super simple solution to too many tomatoes.

#15) Marinara – Make The Perfect Sauce.

Okra can be so good when it’s fixed right. My favorite is pickled.

#16) Tips For Growing Fantastic Okra.

A simple container garden. Works for almost any vegetable.

#17) DIY Garden Towers.

If you have a garden, you should be raising worms. The Best Fertilizer.

#18) Raising Worms.




Why throw away food waste? Make your own fertilizer.

#19) Composting? What Is That?

What a wonderful animal. They have such soft fur to make into luxurious yarn.

#20) Raising Alpacas.

Check out our classes too!

Every garden has bugs. Learn how to use organic methods to control them.

#1) Control Bugs In Your Garden, Naturally!

Are you new to gardening? Start off on the right foot.

#2) The Ultimate Beginning Vegetable Gardening Course.

And Everyone Needs A Garden Journal!

Keep track of all the important stuff and have a much better garden this year.

#1) My Garden Journal – Planner.

And Gardening Gift Guides.

#1) Unique Gardeners Gift Ideas Under $30.

#2) 20 Fabulous Stocking Stuffers For Gardeners.

Want more gardening/homesteading ideas?

Here are the most recent posts.


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Happy Gardening!

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Readers Favorites Gardening Homesteading Posts.


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