How To Save Money With Grow Bags.

Grow Bags? What’s A Grow Bag?

And how do you save money with grow bags?

How did I discover grow bags? and why do I like them so much? Let me tell you…

I’ve been growing a vegetable garden of some sort for longer than I care to admit. And like so many others, tomatoes have been my obsession…and my Achilles heel.

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girl with grow bags and seedlings.

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Why Grow In Containers.

I’ve talked, and talked, and talked about improving your soil. Because it is very important for the health of your garden, and also because I live where we have the world’s worst soil. (If yours is worse, you truly have my sympathy.) But all the soil improvement in the world can’t get rid of all the soil-born tomato diseases such as fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt. You can lessen the damage and put off the inevitable, but if you’ve got it in your soil you’re stuck…or so I thought.

That was until I found some information in a great book called Epic Tomatoes.

The author, Craig LeHoullier is a long-time tomato growing expert. And when he moved from New England to the south he discovered the tomato disease in the soil issue. He started having all kinds of trouble growing tomatoes. HIM! The tomato EXPERT!

So he started growing tomatoes in containers to get them out of the native soil. (why didn’t I think of that?)

Shortly thereafter I ran across Grow Bags.


Grow bags are the easiest way to start a vegetable garden.

Photo Courtesy of Bootstrap Farmer.

What Are Grow Bags?

A grow bag is a large bag filled with a growing medium and used for growing plants. They can be made from breathable fabric or plastic and come in various sizes. Bags made from fabric are well-aerated and have superior drainage. Plastic bags conserve the water better and usually last longer. The bags are then filled with organic material or soil.

They are great to use when you don’t have enough garden space, want to garden on a porch or balcony, or simply have poor soil in your yard. Furthermore, they’re portable, meaning you can move them around. Even move them to an area to get better light as the season progresses.

They are a great way to garden your first year when you don’t know where the best place is for your garden. No tilling, digging, aerating, or other soil preparation is needed! They offer an easy do-over if you happen to change your mind about where you want your garden situated.

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Do You Have To Have Bad Soil To Use Grow Bags?

Absolutely not! You can use grow bags the same way you use any container garden. Many people will put them right on top of the driveway, gravel path, balcony, or patio. Just add soil, seed and water, and instant garden!

They make growing potatoes a breeze. Add more soil as the potato plant grows and when it’s time to harvest, just dump the bag. No digging!

And that’s not all. You can save money with grow bags. Most grow bags are very economical. You can often get 10 grow bags for the price of 1 ceramic pot. Cha-ching! That adds up fast!

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What Are Grow Bags Made Out Of?

Grow bags are used to hold a growing medium for plants such as vegetables. They can be made from breathable fabric or plastic and come in various sizes to hold a variety of different plants. Many come with handles which is a really nice feature if you think you might like to move them.

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