Build Your Own Worm Tower

Let your worms fertilize your garden for you.

We all want to make gardening easier. Well why not let some little red composting worms do some of the fertilizing for you. You can make this affiliate links noticeworm tower and let your hungry worms make wonderful fertilizer right in your garden. All you need are a few simple supplies from your local home improvement store and a handful of worms. It’s that easy, and I’ll show you how.

A worm tower is easy to make. Place it right in your garden. Let the worms do the work for you.

First Build The Worm Tower

This is all you need to build your own worm tower. Make your garden work for you.

All you need is a 2 foot section of 4″ PVC pipe. (This is a 10′ pipe, it will make 5 towers.) It already had some of the holes in it. But I added a few more. Also you need one male clean out cover and one female threaded adapter.

1. Drill* 3/4″ holes in the pipe for the worms to crawl out.

2. Use a Rubber Mallet*
and pound the end cap on the 4″ PVC pipe.

Make your own Worm Tower and let those little red wigglers fertilize the garden for you.

Next Dig Your Hole

3. Dig your hole. Make it deep enough so that only about 2 inches of your tower sticks out above ground. A post hole digger* makes this quick work.

Dig your hole for your worm tower right in your garden. Let those little worms fertilize the garden for you.

Place Your Worm Tower In The Ground

4. Put the worm tower you just built in the ground and fill in loosely with dirt around it. You don’t want to pack the dirt. The bottom is open to the ground. Yes that is correct. You want the worms to crawl out. They will come back if you feed them.

A worm tower is easy to make. Place it right in your garden. Let the worms do the work for you.

Now For The Worms

5. Put in some wet bedding. Shredded news paper works well. So does peat moss or just grass clippings.

6. Next add a handful of worms


Place a handful of Earth Worms in your worm tower to get it started.

Next You Need To Feed Them

7. Don’t forget. They like all the trimmings from your kitchen vegetables.

Your worms turn your veggie scraps into AMAZING Fertilizer!

Put The Scraps Right In The Hole

You need to feed them every few days.

Feed the worms in the Worm Tower and they will turn it into fertilizer right in your garden!

Put The Top On

8. Don’t forget to put the top on your worm tower. You need to keep the rain and critters out. You don’t want your “friends” to drown.

Make this easy Worm Tower and let the worms eat your veggie scraps and turn it into fertilizer right in your garden.

Now Let Your Worms Work

They will eat what you feed them and spread the fertilizer they make throughout the garden. They also leave their tunnels and that loosens the soil leaving places for air, water and roots. The worms eat plant residue that falls to the ground and  they turn the grass clippings and leaves that you built your garden with into worm castings (fertilizer). They are a gardens best friend, making your plants healthier so they can produce more abundantly for you. Healthy plants can also ward off disease and pests easier. Which makes you, the gardener, happier and healthier too.

Keep the worms happy and they will work very hard for you.

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And Have a Ducky Day!

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  1. Lisa Schnorenberg | 11th Dec 17

    Brilliant! I like that the worms do the hard work. I used to grow Red Wigglers as part of my wheatgrass business and I know how tedious and time consuming it is to harvest the worms to get the castings. It’s a double bonus to allow them to act like worms do and aerate the garden. Thank you for the great idea….I’m going to make one tomorrow

  2. Arlene | 21st Oct 17

    Is there a better time of year to start a worm tower? For example, which starting one in the fall be appropriate, or even in the winter?

    • Mary | 23rd Oct 17

      Arlene, That all depends on where you live. If you live where the ground freezes, I would start them after the thaw. Here in South Florida the fall is the best. Happy Gardening!

  3. Breezy Schafer | 28th Oct 14

    That is so awesome!!!

    • Mary | 28th Oct 14

      Really easy too. Anyone can do this!

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