30 + Great Gift Ideas For Duck Lovers [2023]

If you have that special person in your life who really likes ducks, but you have no idea what to get them? Here is a list to help you find just the right duck present. You don’t have to search them all down yourself. I’ve collated a list of 30 great gift ideas for duck lovers, just for you.

Updated for 2023

Duck - Gift Ideas for duck lovers
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Gift Ideas For Duck Lovers

Ducks are so cute, they have great personalities and they give awesome eggs. What’s not to love? Yep, that’s me, a duck lover.

But the average person would have no clue what would float my boat (ahem duck) when it came to a gift. So I thought I would give you a few hints for your duck lover friend or loved one.

Rubber Duck - Gift Ideas for duck lovers
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Duck Lover Gifts

Ducks and ducklings are adorable. What’s not to love? If you or someone you love is fond of ducks then you might want to consider some of these duck gift ideas. Whether for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special day. There is something here for everyone.


Practical Duck Gifts And Just For Fun.

There are two ways you can go with gift ideas for duck lovers.

You can go practical. Those are the things a person needs if they want to raise their own ducks or take their duck raising to the next level.

And there are the just-for-fun gifts. This is where you surround yourself with the whimsical, the cute, the “I’m proud to show off my ducks”.

This list of duck gifts includes both the fun and the practical for your inspiration.

So here are 30 Ideas of great presents for all the duck lovers in your life. You are sure to find something here they will just love.

Just click on the photo to get more information or to buy the duck gift items.

A t-shirt is always a winner and with this adorable duck on the front, what’s not to love? It’s a great duck gift for her.

Ok, These are just plain cute! Rain boots with ducks on them. Yes Please! Everyone who keeps ducks or any other animal or who gardens needs a pair of waterproof boots for those rainy days. And if you have to go out in the weather you might as well look good while you do it.

duck mousepad

What a great way for someone to remember the gift you gave them every day. A mousepad that shows that they love ducks.

duck book

Wouldn’t a book about raising ducks be a nice gift for your favorite duck lover?

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And then there is the question about taking care of your ducks and getting sleep. What a great way to give your loved one, that gift of extra sleep. When you have an automatic door opener you can sleep in, or you can go out at night and not have to worry about predators bothering your flock.

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duck feather necklace

Unique duck gifts for her: This beautiful necklace of duck feathers is exquisite and will express your appreciation for her and her love of her flock.

This is the duck waterer that I’ve used for my ducks. It made getting fresh water for my feathered friends so much easier. A practical and very useful duck present.

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While we are at it. Here is (at least in my opinion) the best feeder! It keeps the food dry and keeps rodents out!

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What a fun way to show everyone you have ducks! A fun gift for your best friend.

If you have baby ducks that you need to keep warm, you won’t find anything better than this chick brooder heating plate. It’s adjustable.

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While you are at it, maybe you would like to buy a batch of ducklings to go with the brooder heating plate. Cackle Hatchery has 200 varieties of poultry, so you will be able to find what you would like. They also have LOTS of duck-raising supplies.

More Gift Ideas For Duck Lovers

Ducks - Gift Ideas for duck lovers
duck hand towel

Have a little laugh with this kitchen towel. (This is a perfect duck gift for me….)

What a fun way to show off your eggs. It automatically rotates from oldest to newest so you never have old eggs.

ducky socks

Duck socks are great gifts for anyone from children to adults. What a great way to start a conversation. These will slip right into any stocking!

These Icecube Trays that look like ducks are absolutely adorable! Perfect for your next party!

How about an incubator for hatching your own eggs? For the dedicated duck enthusiast or those who would love to show their children where ducklings come from and help them start their own flock.

love duck blanket

She can stay warm all winter snuggled up with her favorite duck themed gift. A perfect gift for her.

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egg stamp

How about a stamp for your fresh eggs? They have a bunch for chicken eggs too!

I love these space-saving egg holders. Now, all your shelf space is freed up and you still have room for plenty of eggs.

There are lots of duck things to choose from. You can dress up your desk in ducky style with these ducky pens. These are great stocking stuffers for children and adults alike.

Duck gifts for all ages. How about a child’s duck book? 

The perfect apron for gathering eggs. It has special deep pockets for your extra large duck eggs. Make your egg gatherer feel egg-stra special.

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How about a gift for your ducks? Sow some seed to produce the best free-range fodder for your ducks. Make those eggs even more healthy. Your flock will love you for this.

Ducklings - Gift Ideas for duck lovers
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More Duck Merchandise

t shirt

Now if this isn’t a great gift idea for duck lovers, I don’t know what is. Wear it proudly!

duck coaster

How about a conversation starter for your next party with this funny drink coaster? Adorable.

Yes, they do actually make diapers for ducks. And if you want one as an inside pet, you are going to be glad they do.

Everyone loves to give their birds treats. Dried mealworms are one of my girl’s favorite snacks. It helps them grow strong feathers too.

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Every duck (or chicken) keeper has gotta have an authentic egg basket.

Make your own sandwich eggs. These are great to slip into a stocking. Or even as a gift from a child.

If you’ve got your own ducks, knowing how to use all those yummy eggs will be a great help.

If you need to wear a tie, why not make it fun?!


There are even duck presents for babies.

Duckling - Gift Ideas for duck lovers

Who wouldn’t want a cute phone cover? This would make a great duck gift for him. (or her)

This shower curtain made me laugh out loud. Maybe it will bring a smile to your face too.

No list would be complete without an assortment of rubber ducks. Think of the smile on someone’s face when they get a whole assortment of rubber ducks!

Duck - Gift Ideas for duck lovers
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Duck Lover Gifts

I could have gone on and on with duck lover gifts. But surely there must be something in here that the special someone in your life, who likes ducks, would just love to get. And these would be perfect at any time of the year. So what do you think? Maybe get one a month?….

I hope this list of gift ideas for duck lovers brings a smile to your loved one’s face. And makes extra “ducky” points for you too!

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