How To Get Clean Water For My Ducks

Clean Water For My Ducks.

Automatic Clean Water for my ducks. Now I can go on vacation!

Keeping clean water for your ducks to drink  is an impossibility. Period! Thing 2 once told me that you provide fresh water foraffiliate links notice ducks, not clean water. Oh so true. It may be clean the instant it hits their pool (whatever type you have) but it won’t be clean for long. Chickens can dip their beaks into water and take a nice dainty sip. Not Ducks! Their idea of water is altogether different.

Why Ducks Need Water

First understand that a duck needs water to be happy and healthy. They need water for a lot more than drinking. I’m sure mine think that drinking it is the least important use of water.

Ducks need Water For:

  • Eating – Yes eating. They need to have water to wash down their food. They can choke if they don’t have water available while eating. They will even take their greens and other vegetables to the duck pool and dunk it in the pool to eat it.
  • Bathing – Ducks like a nice bath at least once a day, just like chickens take dust baths, to get rid of bugs and mites. Ducks drown those nasty pests. If a duck has water to bathe in they will seldom have pests.
  • Mating – OK they can mate without water. But given the choice they much prefer to mate in the water.
  • Cleaning their bills – and keeping there sinuses moistened and cleaned out. Ducks love to dig in the dirt to find bugs to eat. They will bury their bills up to their eyeballs! Then they look for the closest water to wash it all out of their sinuses.
  • Drinking – All animals, and plants for that matter, need water to drink.

Automatic Clean Water for your ducks and chickens. Even a quick connect for easy cleaning. This keeps a continuous supply of fresh water so I can go on vacation

Changing My Ducks Water Pool

My ducks, like all, ducks love to “play” in the water. Ok, I’m sure what I call play is really one of the five important tasks I listed above. But none the less, they spread the water everywhere and they get their water very dirty. It really grosses me out to think of them having to drink all that dirty water. So everyday I empty out their water pools and refill them with fresh water. Whew that’s a lot of work. What am I going to do when I go on vacation. Thing 2 said she would come by every other day or so to check on them, but that isn’t going to give them fresh water to drink every day. So I started checking into a way to give them fresh water. They can’t be able to climb into it or they will get it filthy. And then I found it. WhooHoo!


Automatic Game Bird Fount

My Awesome hubby installed it for me and now my ducks are all ready for vacation too. He put on this Quick Connect fitting so it just pops right off to be hosed off. But it will give them fresh water each time they take a drink! I’m so excited I found this. Now they can have fresh water to drink all the time. Even while I’m on vacation!

Automatic Clean Water for your ducks and chickens. Even a quick connect for easy cleaning. This keeps a continuous supply of fresh water so I can go on vacation

This would be great for chickens as well. And I think it would also be good to have outside for your dogs or cats. There is one design issue, I don’t want to say flaw, you just need to know about it. To function properly it has to hang. That’s what makes it shut off. We had planned to attach it to a hose and put it on a little shelf so I could just tip it to clean it. That will not work. It has to hang to shut off. But smart and awesome hubby came up with the quick connect fitting so I can clean it and it will work just as well as we had planned. Now I’m ready for vacation!!!!

Just an add on. I found this Automatic Treadle Feeder. What a great idea to keep the feed clean and the mice out! An no more wasted feed!


Did you go on vacation this year? How did you solve your animal and garden problems while you were gone?

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  1. beth | 10th Oct 17

    Mary, I love this waterer! It is such a wonderful idea! I would like to try to make one. I was unable to find the instructions from clicking on the red bowl. Can you direct me to the instructions?
    Thanks! Warmly, Beth

    • Mary | 15th Oct 17

      It will all depend on where you put it. It is all put together with pvc pipe. The only trick is it has to hang. I put it together with a garden hose but it can be direct plumbed also. Good luck.

  2. Mandie | 17th Aug 17

    This looks awesome, what are the components for the waterer? My husband says he’s going to build it, but needs a list.

    • Mary | 18th Aug 17

      If you click on the red “bowl” it will take you to the link for the waterer. All the rest of the PVC fittings will depend on how and where you are putting yours. I showed photos so you can see how we did it, but your situation will likely need different fittings. Just make sure it hangs.

  3. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek | 21st Sep 15

    Definitely showing this to my hubby. We have one of those chicken waterers that has a vacuum-sealing cap that is supposed to create an automatic water flow. However, the rubber ring dries out quickly and then it doesn’t work like it is supposed to. I like this idea. We already have a water spigot in the coop.

    • Mary | 22nd Sep 15

      This is working really well. I actually don’t even use the quick release most of the time. I hard spray from a yard away cleans it and then it refills itself! Easy Peasy! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Ruth | 25th Aug 15

    This is a great idea! We are in the process of converting a small trailer (that came w/ our property) into a chicken coop…the original owner ran PVC pipe out to the barn/garden area…so, we have water out there…But, this would be a wonderful addition to the chicken run! Have fun on vacation!

    • Mary | 25th Aug 15

      Nice to hear from you. How is the new homestead coming? I do just love this new waterer. Such a great way to get them clean water.

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