10 Reasons To Raise Ducks!

So You Are Thinking About Raising Ducks

10 Reasons TO Raise Ducks - Thinking about raising ducks? Here are some things that might help you make the plunge. #10 is my favorite.

You’ve seen the cute little ducklings and you think, that you would love to have a few ducks as an addition to your homestead or back yard. Maybe you are trying to decide between ducks and chickens. I’ve been raising ducks for a while now and love having ducks. So here is my “two cents worth”, 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to raise ducks. But before you decide, check out my article on 10 reasons not to raise ducks. With every silver lining there is a little rain too. Now lets check out why I think raising ducks is a good idea.Then you decide if it is right for you.

1) Know How Your Animals Are Raised

It’s nice to know that your food and egg producers were raised in a happy, well cared for and healthy manner.

2) Antibiotic And Chemical Free Meat

As most of us know, the meat we eat is raised on antibiotics and chemicals and is less than desirable to put in our bodies. If you raise the animals yourself, you control what they (and in turn you) eat. Garbage in ducks, garbage in you.

10 Reasons TO Raise Ducks - Thinking about raising ducks? Here are some things that might help you make the plunge. #10 is my favorite.

3) Fresh Eggs Every Day

What is better than going out everyday and getting the freshest eggs you can get. And duck eggs taste great too. Also, they are actually more healthy for you than chicken eggs.They contain the same nutrients as chicken eggs, just more of them per ounce.  Another good thing about your own duck eggs is you decide what your duck eats. So you know what  those eggs are made of. Because of the thicker shell, the duck eggs stay fresh longer too.

4) Great Fertilizer For The Garden

Manure is great for your garden. We use a deep litter in the duck run. Then at the end of the growing season, we clean out the duck run and pile it right on the garden. Next years plants will love it!

5) Ducks Are Quieter Than Chickens

Although ducks do quack the quacking is much quieter and does not carry as far as a rooster’s crow.

6) Better With Kids

Ducks are far less aggressive or likely to hurt, scratch or bite you than almost any other farm animal. They don’t use their talons like other fowl do. They even get along with each other better than other fowl. They are very social creatures. Mine will follow me around and one even nibbles on my shoe laces until I give her a back scratch. I’d trust my children with a duck, long before I would a chicken or a turkey.

10 Reasons TO Raise Ducks - Thinking about raising ducks? Here are some things that might help you make the plunge. #7 Helps in the garden.


7) Great Pest Removers

Ducks are great at ridding your garden and yard of bugs. They can spot every creepy crawler in sight and a lot of those that are out of sight. They will stick their bill into the dirt up to their eye balls digging for  worms, grubs, beetles and all kinds of things that chew on your veggies.

8) Ducks Are Healthy

Compared with chickens and a lot of other barnyard animals, ducks get fewer diseases, parasites and mites (they drown those when they bathe). All the way around you will spend less money and time treating ducks for ailments.

9) Withstand Heat and Cold Better Than Chickens

Once they are adults, ducks have that nice fat layer that helps keep them warm in the winter. Water runs off their backs when it rains, and since they like to swim, they just jump into the pond (or kiddy pool) whenever they need to cool off.

10 Reasons TO Raise Ducks - Thinking about raising ducks? Here are some things that might help you make the plunge. #10 is my favorite.

10) You Don’t Have Cable And You Want The Nature Chanel. You Will Need Less Prozac.

Lets face it. Ducks are just fun to watch. Nibbling on grass, splashing in the water, waddling across the lawn, or digging in the mud for their bug fix. And the babies…. nothing is cuter than a brand new duckling. Ducks just beg for you to sit down and watch for a while. And as you sit and sip your iced tea, your blood pressure goes down and your mood improves. They just have a natural calming effect on you. That’s better than TV any day!


But remember, There are very good reasons Not To Raise Ducks too. Make sure you check out that list also! And Check out Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks*. Learn all about raising ducks before you take the plunge into the ducky pool.

And have a Ducky Day!



  1. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek | 27th Jan 15

    Can ducks co-exist with chickens?

    We have two ponds. One covers about an acre and we have farm geese in there (I don’t think the geese would like to share with the ducks). We have fenced this one in.

    The other pond is a ornamental pond (8′ x 5′). This is in our “orchard” and isn’t completely fenced in.

    Would you let them live in either area?

    • Mary | 29th Jan 15

      Hi Karen, Thanks for asking. First many people have great luck with chickens and ducks together. As far as geese, I don’t have any, but I find, if the birds have enough room, they all seem to leave each other alone. The only time there is a problem is when there is over crowding. As far as using the ornamental pond, Ducks mess up the grass and plants LESS than chickens, but they can still cause damage. They would eat any little fish that might be in the pond, and all fowl poop – A LOT! A few things to consider. Does that help?

      • Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek | 29th Jan 15

        Yes it does. Would ducks fly off if not “caged”? Both ponds are in the open. I just don’t want to spend money on them only to have them fly off.

        • Mary | 29th Jan 15

          Some types of ducks fly. Some have been bred not to. Muscovys, like my daughter and I raise, fly. I have mine in a large cage. My daughter has a fenced yard with a pond, which they love, and they don’t wander far from it. You might check on a type that can’t fly. I don’t think Indian Runners can fly. They are GREAT egg layers! I have one that doesn’t fly and leaves me an egg every day. However she doesn’t believe in a nest. Most of the time she just drops it wherever she is at. The size is about the size of a large chicken egg.

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