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  1. Brian | 1st Nov 17

    I noticed you said you are in southwest florida but spoke about the frosts you get. are you more in central FL? I’m in the Bartow area and trying to see how Tyfon would do in my area

    • Mary | 1st Nov 17

      Nice to hear from you. I live about an hour south of you in Lee County. We do get frosts, but only a couple a year. Tyfon should do great in your area in the winter. It is a wonderful plant. My ducks and I all love it!

  2. Caius | 4th Jun 17

    I just found your article about the automatic duck waterer. AWESOME!!! The wife and I have just added two ducklings to our homestead and we’ve struggled with keeping everyone’s water clean, but I feel that this would solve our problems. Do you have a material list of the items need to construct this and would you be willing to pass that info along to us? Thanks for your time and efforts.

    • Mary | 5th Jun 17

      Congratulations on your new ducks! They are so much fun. I just updated the article to show where to get the faunt. As far as the materials list. It all depends on where you are putting yours. It does require that it hang to work. (we were going to put it on a shelf) As you can see from the photos we used pvc pipes and fittings. You can plan out where you are putting yours and what you have to go around. We planned to have ours hang about 9″ off the ground so they didn’t have to bend down. The only other thing was the “quick connect” and a female pvc hose connector.
      I did discover, over time, the automatic fill got gunked up and took a lot of maintenance. I’m working on a new waterer to give them soon. I’ll update this post when it is finished as it is still a work in progress. I hope this helps.

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