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Who is Mary?   I’m Glad you asked!

I garden, I cook, I take care of my ducks.

     Hi my name is Mary St. Dennis. I’m a new empty nester. My husband and I live in the suburbs in South West Florida with a garden, dogs, ducks and coming soon, bees.  Gardening is a real challenge here. For one thing we have backward growing seasons. We grow in the winter as the summer is HOT, and very rainy (fungus anyone?). It’s a time when we stay inside in the climate controlled house, like most of you do in the winter. So while you are inside staying out of the snow I’ll be pulling weeds :). I love to cook and I love to find ways to use all the things I grow. We also have 2 acres in the country where one of my daughters lives. We will be planting some things and adding some animals out there too. Some people have asked, What does ‘Life is just ducky’ Mean? In a word it means ‘Blessed!’

Who is this site for?

If you enjoy recipes, or gardening or simple suburban ‘homesteading’, then this sight is for you.  I hope you will join me on this new adventure. And please join in and add to the fun. I would really welcome the feed back.

Some things to know about me

1) I have identical twin daughters.

2) I grew up right here in SW Florida.

3) I’ve been married 35 years – yes to the same man!

4) We’ve owned a business together for over 20 years.

5) The month after we were married I hosted Christmas dinner for my in-laws. And I had never cooked a meal before we were married. (bless their hearts)

6) My brother had identical twins too. and my aunt had fraternal twins.

7) I’m still close friends with a girlfriend I made in 6th grade.

8) I play hand bells at church.

9) I first got started with ducks by rescuing 8 babies who’s mother was hit by a car.

10) My dog Noki is a Houdini. She can get out of closed gates. We have to lock them.

11) I love to fish and scuba dive.

12) I’ve visited the U.S. west, and though it’s beautiful, I wouldn’t want to live there. I prefer the humidity.

13) When I eat ice cream I prefer it to have “stuff” in it. Chocolate chunks, nuts, Chunks of fruit….. stuff!



  1. Joyce Bell | 28th Oct 14

    Hi Mary, This is a fun blog to read!!! I thought I already knew you but you are full of surprises! I look forward to keeping up with Life Is Just Ducky! Continued blessings!!

    • Mary | 29th Oct 14

      You are Awesome. Thanks so much for stopping by! Sign up for the e-mails (only one a week) so you don’t miss anything.

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